Facts & Figures

PrimeSoft Group: Facts & Figures

The PrimeSoft Group is owned by partners.
Eschlikon/Thurgau, Baar/Zug Munich/Germany
Staff Members
Staff Members
approx. 40

Company History



With primedocs, the next generation of template software is successfully launched. In the future, primedocs will replace the renowned predecessor models OneOffixx, Brandic and Brandic 365.



The well-known products and high quality services of Sevitec and ZigWare become an integral part of the PrimeSoft Group.



PrimeSoft AG acquires the shares of Sevitec Informatik AG, OneOffixx GmbH and ZigWare GmbH. Martin Vogt becomes CEO of the newly founded group of companies. OneOffixx GmbH turns into PrimeDocs GmbH.



As a main shareholder, PrimeGroup AG establishes PrimeSoft AG with the aim to manage all current and future IT enterprises as one group of companies.



To operate on the German market in a target-oriented way, the daughter company OneOffixx GmbH is founded. Within one year, the office space at the Munich Technology Center is doubled.



The template software solution OneOffixx enters the German market.



Sevitec initiates the HR project "Eschlikon Valley" in cooperation with the municipality of Eschlikon and puts the attractive working conditions in the limelight.



PrimeGroup AG as main shareholder of Sevitec purchases the company PhiloPlan GmbH, which is liquidated in 2012. A completely new generation of software products is developed under the brand OneOffixx.



Sevitec moves to the new location and celebrates its 10th anniversary. A first promotional film is created.



The sister company PrimePark AG designs a new business complex specifically for Sevitec, as the company is rapidly growing.



ZigWare GmbH is founded as a spin-off from ZigNet GmbH. The products Brandic and ActPlus are developed.



Sevitec reaches the Microsoft Gold status, which is the highest Microsoft partnership level.



Juerg Geiser, Christof Rechsteiner and Ralph Kirchner found Sevitec AG. The company develops customized Internet software for corporate clients on the basis of Microsoft technologies.



Philipp Ochsenbein founds PhiloPlan GmbH and develops the template software Idfix for Microsoft Word. It is the basis for the product business in the area of template management software.



Robert Schreyer and a partner found ZigNet GembH. The company provides automation and training for the creation of documents based on Microsoft Office products.

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