Mit der Gemeinde Neuheim setzt eine weitere Behörde auf OneOffixx.

Municipality of Neuheim now uses OneOffixx

In addition to the city of Zug, the municipality of Neuheim has now also commissioned a project for the PrimeSoft product OneOffixx Word. In total, the authorities of the Canton of Zug will have more than 350 licenses for OneOffixx Word and Outlook in the future. “We are delighted that all employees of the Neuheim municipal administration will soon be able to use OneOffixx to communicate with our citizens,” confirms Thomas Rubin from the Neuheim municipality.

With the municipality of Neuheim, another authority will benefit in the future from a uniform display of logos, formatting and corporate designs on documents such as letters, meeting notes and minutes. With just a few clicks, employees can create Word documents in the correct CI/CD without spending extra time.

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