PrimeSoft vereint Sevitec und ZigWare unter einer Dachmarke.

PrimeSoft unites Sevitec Informatik and ZigWare

The companies Sevitec Informatik and ZigWare will in future operate under the single PrimeSoft umbrella brand. This marks the completion of the two-year integration phase for the PrimeSoft Group with locations in Switzerland and Germany.

PrimeSoft is a leading group of companies in software development, template software and training based on state-of-the-art Microsoft technologies. The products Brandic, Brandic 365 and OneOffixx are an essential part of PrimeSoft’s offering. The group employs a total of around 40 people at its three locations in Switzerland and Germany. More than 600,000 users use the company’s innovative software solutions every day, which perfectly complement and fit seamlessly into Microsoft’s range of services.

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