Department of Health, Canton Zurich
Initial situation:

The Hospital Data Collection Platform (SDEP) of the Department of Health is an online platform for hospitals, which is used to collect, monitor and evaluate statistics and other medical as well as economic data. Data exchange between the authority and the individual facilities also plays an essential role.

The software solutions previously used for this purpose revealed a number of disadvantages. Among other things, there was a lot of overlap in the data content, which made numerous consistency checks necessary. Different tools were used for various data, checks and entries. Unfortunately, they did not always communicate smoothly with each other, which is why data transfers, the general coordination and also the process management proved to be very time-consuming.

Employees spent a lot of time manually transferring data and reconciling different software updates as well as communication channels. The goal of the Department of Health was therefore to introduce an integrated software solution which simplifies existing workflows, standardizes data and communication processes and also clearly defines responsibilities.

Benefits of the new solution for the customer:
  • much easier handling of the software
  • more efficient processes and workflows for all users
  • central data collection and data management without any redundancies
  • reduced maintenance
  • faster, more direct and generally less communication loops
  • clear and transparent responsibilities
  • no software installation necessary for connected entities
  • system can be extended flexibly thanks to the modular design

PrimeSoft developed a customized individual solution for the Department of Health, which by now is in use both in the Cantons of Zurich and Bern. The new SDEP provides a web platform originating from one single source. The key feature is a central database meeting the highest security standards. All data is stored in a central location, signifitcantly reducing redundancies across the whole system. As a result, data transfers that used to be tedious and manually time-consuming have now become obsolete.

In addition, the new SDEP features a clear historization and traceability. It is now possible to run communication loops entirely via the platform, resulting in significantly simplified, reduced and standardized communication processes. Whereas the individual hospitals and other health facilities carry out audits and data collection autonomously, all data is now stored centrally in the SDEP and automatically evaluated by machine.

The modular structure of the individual software solution developed by PrimeSoft ensures that additional data sets are easily integrated into the system, if required. In addition to Zurich and Bern, the SDEP can be flexibly extended to other cantons at any time and be operated as an independent instance in each case.

About the cooperation:

The basis for the smoothly functioning cooperation was the successful collaboration in an earlier project. The long-standing, reliable partnership enables PrimeSoft to understand the individual needs of the authority and transfer them into intelligent software solutions.

With the new SDEP, numerous internal processes at the Department of Health were significantly improved and countless work processes were facilitated to a major extent. The close cooperation between PrimeSoft and the Department of Health was key for developing an optimal software solution focused on the individual needs of the customer.

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