St. Gallisch-Appenzellische Kraftwerke (SAK)
Initial situation:

SAK (St. Gallisch-Appenzellische Kraftwerke AG) is the leading local service partner for energy and data networks in the cantons of St.Gallen and Appenzell. Our project resulted in „SAKnet“, a fiber-optic network which enables rapid data transfer for both private and business clients. The open network is available to all providers of communications and entertainment technologies (e.g. TV, Internet and telephone) in order to expand their service offerings. This requires data transfer between SAK and the respective partners. Additionally, this data transfer also occurs between SAK and other companies. This is the case when extending the network in cooperation with external partners, for instance.

To provide services to end consumers, companies using SAKnet need to access a range of different data such as information on the availability of the fiberoptic network at the locations of different end consumers. In case of a breakdown, relevant information must be distributed quickly via a ticket system. In addition, information concerning the connection with partners needs to be exchanged on a daily basis when extending the network.

For this project, SAK relies on PrimeSoft's solution OneConnexx as a central hub for data exchange.

Benefits of the new solution for the customer:
  • flexible system that can be extended anytime
  • facilitated data exchange
  • optimized work processes
  • time and capacity savings due to automation

OneConnexx allows rapid exchange of data between systems using a variety of interfaces. Data is recorded and archived non-stop. The basic functionality of OneConnexx is flexibly expandable and customizable to individual requirements. Thanks to OneConnexx, it is possible to automatically recognize new data and send context-sensitive emails. Some applications use lean add-ins tailored to specific solutions.

To support process monitoring, PrimeSoft has developed a graphical cockpit for SAK. This way, the company's specialist departments can view and edit data exchanged with providers and third-party network operators.

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