Thales Rail Signalling Solutions
Initial situation:

Thales Rail Signalling Solutions is one of the major global providers of equipment for control and security technologies of railway transportation suppliers. All the major Swiss railway companies are clients of Thales. Their solutions are designed to fulfil the highest possible requirements of security, availability, reliability and maintainability. They specifically cover the areas of electronic interlocking systems, ETCS L2 safety installations, security systems for trains and axle counters.

For the project planning of interlocking systems, data from different sources needed adjusting to fit the operation of the interlocking system. To create the respective project documents for each project version, countless manual steps took place.

To facilitate the project planning, Thales developed the concept of a „unified project planning platform“. Project data which is automatically and electronically registered by target files of the security system is centrally allocated on the platform. Project documents such as construction plans are directly generated from the existing data. The solution also includes a simple listing of changes between the different versions of a security system.

Benefits of the new solution for the customer:
  • much easier handling
  • more efficient processes for all parties involved
  • consolidated and centralized data management
  • optimized work processes

Thanks to PrimeSoft, the concept of the unified project planning platform is now up and running. PrimeSoft developed a software solution based on the outline provided by Thales. Right from the start it was agreed that additional processes should be integrated into the platform in case the need would arise in the future. Today, PrimeSoft continues to support platform extension and remains a reliable development partner for Thales.

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