Application Modernization by PrimeSoft

Application modernization offers new opportunities. Business performance is at risk from insufficient flexibility of existing systems, missing compatibility with state-of-the-art components and the loss of know-how relating to outdated, but nevertheless business-critical applications.

Application modernization holds a great potential for renewal while clients continue to benefit from well-established processes and applications. PrimeSoft is your expert for modernizing and integrating essential legacy systems and database applications.

Reto Höpli, Product Owner, Uster Technologies AG
PrimeSoft engineers have a quick comprehension and prompt understanding of customer-specific requirements.”
Reto Hoepli, Product Owner, Uster Technologies AG
Reduce the risk of legacy systems

Reduce the risk of legacy systems and outdated database applications

Legacy systems are often deeply embedded into the corporate IT environment. In many cases they preserve the full expert knowledge of a company and are the basis for countless daily workflows. As a result, a wide range of businesses rely heavily on outdated corporate software.

Many departments and corporate units continue to use business-critical solutions based on outdated database applications such as dBase, FoxBase, Microsoft Access or Gupta. These solutions were originally developed by key people who have since left the company. As a result, companies typically struggle due to a lack of specialists and the fact that nobody today is able to adjusting these systems to the constantly-changing requirements.

Partner for application modernization

PrimeSoft is your partner for application modernization

Rapid and seamless software modernization is of high strategic importance for companies and one of the key factors in defining the future corporate success. At PrimeSoft, we are ready to support you by bringing our expertise and best practices in application modernization to your projects. We upgrade your existing software systems and ensure that they support new data interfaces as well as additional functionality.

Other issues that clients regularly experience revolve around outdated user interfaces and that existing software solution may not comply with changed legal frameworks. PrimeSoft is your first choice for application modernization of outdated databases.

Simon Baer, Senior Software Engineer, PrimeSoft
Today, seamlessly operating software systems are indispensable for each and every organization. It is our aim to identify and solve the existing deficiencies in a direct exchange with our clients by taking advantage of target-oriented measures. We support you in reaching your goals by adding our comprehensive know-how and long-term experience in the area of application modernization to your projects.”
Simon Baer, Senior Software Engineer, PrimeSoft
Application modernization by PrimeSoft

This is how application modernization by PrimeSoft works

As a first step, we analyze the status quo of your existing software systems. Together we will work out the optimal target solution and define a detailed migration plan. This results in a solid foundation for the modernization and adjustment of the software as well as for the corresponding applications.

Successful examples of application modernization processes executed by PrimeSoft include the transition of a legacy system to a new database platform, migrations to the cloud or the realization of an existing software as a web application.

Seamlessly operating software for today's and tomorrow's needs

There are many benefits of professional application modernization. Both the output and agility of your company may increase, while new business opportunities may appear. Seamlessly operating processes and a modern, intuitive usability help to drive a high user satisfaction levels. In addition, state-of-the-art application modernization reduces the risk associated with obsolete applications which may no longer operate reliably.

It is PrimeSoft's aim to ensure that our solutions fulfil your specific requirements today and in the future. We are ready to further develop your software systems. It is our goal to increase your company's flexibility in a world of constant change while taking advantage of your existing resources. A range of successfully completed projects demonstrate our expertise in the area of application modernization.

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