The OneConnexx Enterprise Service Bus by PrimeSoft

An enterprise service bus developed by PrimeSoft: To guarantee seamless operation of automated data exchange, intelligent connection of all processes, systems and staff members is essential.

By making use of an integrated and centralized enterprise service bus, companies are always able to react quickly and in a flexible manner. In addition, a comprehensive overview of all processes is guaranteed and if necessary, action can be taken immediately. PrimeSoft is your partner for IT integration and digitalization processes. We have been solving complex integration tasks for more than 20 years and have achieved a high customer satisfaction level thanks to our agile approaches, speed and transparency.

David Rupper, Head of IT, ProLitteris
We use OneConnexx throughout all subprograms and are very satisfied. OneConnexx is running smoothly in the background and works totally independently. We are particularly happy about the general level of automation as well as the automated workflows. We never had a tool that centrally monitors all tasks as efficiently as OneConnexx.”
David Rupper, Head of IT, ProLitteris
Integrationsplattform für Ihre Digitalisierungsprojekte

OneConnexx enterprise service bus for your digitalization projects

OneConnexx is a lean and efficient enterprise service bus developed by PrimeSoft. It is considered to be the „little brother of BizTalk“ and works perfectly in similar contexts as BizTalk. OneConnexx, however, is both easier to handle and more affordable. As an enterprise service bus, OneConnexx efficiently exchanges data. Thanks to its service-oriented architecture, different parties can seamlessly communicate via a modular and centralized hub. In comparison to regular „spaghetti systems“, OneConnexx is significantly less complex.

Jürg Herren, Project Manager, PrimeSoft
With OneConnexx you benefit from a product that easily configurates stanardized interfaces. In addition, customer specific interfaces can also be integrated at a minimum effort. Another relevant feature of OneConnexx is the fact that it is easily adjustable to client needs.”
Juerg Herren, Project Manager, PrimeSoft
Datenaustausch im bewährten Baukastensystem

Automated data exchange based upon modular architecture

Effective data management is central for a seamless business transactions process and is a key part of any corporate digitalization effort. OneConnexx is a modular integration software, connecting different services and systems throughout your company. Robust, flexible, and clean data interfaces guarantee a smooth exchange amongst all involved systems. By using OneConnexx, you are relying on a high-performance platform that enables automated data exchange between programs in a continuously changing IT environment.

Zahlreiche Kunden

Numerous clients benefit from the OneConnexx enterprise service bus

OneConnexx keeps growing in line with your corporate activities and provides a data exchange with no limits. Countless clients such as Mövenpick, SAK and ProLitteris benefit from the efficient OneConnexx enterprise service bus by PrimeSoft.

Thomas Nievergelt, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts
Thanks to PrimeSoft's comprehensive expertise in the area of ESB, we are professionally supported at any time and receive a profound consultation whenever needed. Today, we have more than 950 interfaces completely under control.”
Thomas Nievergelt, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts

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