Template Development & Document Migration

Professional template development facilitates your business processes: A perfect template is the basis of all Microsoft Office business activities.
Professional templates

Professional template development and management facilitates daily document usage

Take advantage of a professional template development and make your work processes easier. Are your document templates scattered across multiple data storage systems? Are you unsure which version is the most current? Have you struggled with templates which did not work as they should? Are your staff members overwhelmed by the vast number of Office functionality that may not be relevant for them? Does your staff waste time on seemingly straightforward tasks such as ensuring the correct design in their documents? At PrimeSoft, we can help you avoid such pitfalls. We develop top-quality Microsoft Office templates for Windows and OSX (Mac) environments. You can use these templates as a foundation for our software products such as OneOffixx, Brandic and Brandic 365 – or use them as stand-alone templates. Learn more about our template management software products...

Migrate your existing documents

We also migrate your existing documents

If a corporate design changes, this often affects hundreds or even thousands of Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel sheets, which need to be updated to the new design. Many companies struggle to quickly change and update such large numbers of documents. At PrimeSoft, we are happy to take the effort and time of migrating documents to a new design off your hands. Our decades of experience help us advise you whether a migration carried out by PrimeSoft is the best option – or whether it would be more efficient to train your staff to migrate the documents themselves efficiently. You can count on us to help you migrate and automize your corporate documents.

Microsoft Office Training

Microsoft Office Training for your employees

For most companies, Microsoft products are the key to digital working. To perform activities efficiently and save time, it is essential that your employees use programs such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint correctly and professionally. Comprehensive training and continuing education in the area of Microsoft Office is a strategic factor not only in staff development, but also in success and corporate planning. Professional Microsoft Office training ensures that employees get done with their daily work much faster, better and easier, while saving time and optimizing capacity utilization. PrimeSoft is your experienced partner for training in Microsoft Office and beyond. Learn more about MS Office Training with PrimeSoft...

Template development by PrimeSoft: More know-how, less costs

PrimeSoft adds a comprehensive and deep understanding of template development – as well as decades of experience – to your projects. Our expertise allows us to prioritize which aspects are key when you develop a set of templates in a corporate context. We develop customized templates which combine top technical quality and optimal usability. They perfectly present your company's brands. Automated, standardized and sleek corporate design solutions are a cornerstone of our work at PrimeSoft.

Facilitate your work processes with template development and software by PrimeSoft. Get in touch now!