Template Software

When users create corporate documents such as letters, presentations or statistical calculations, they often accidentally introduce errors into these documents, and the entire process is time-consuming

Template software reduces errors and IT support cases

Experience tells us: Issues often appear when old documents are duplicated (Save As…) and important data – such as invoice numbers, key contract details, dates or design details (e.g. logos, corporate identity) – is not updated correctly. Furthermore, security issues due to macros and time-consuming re-programming when updating templates keep IT departments busy. Template software standardizes the creation, maintenance, support and daily handling of documents and templates. An entire range of processes are facilitated and automated. This way, staff members work a lot more independently and need less IT support.

5 Core Competences of Template Software by PrimeSoft

100% corporate design

All CI/CD elements are rendered correctly in the software and the dilution of brands is avoided.

Centralized data & template management

Data and templates are centrally stored in the system. This helps to significantly reduce inconsistencies.

Efficiency & cost saving

Countless daily workflows are facilitated or even completely automated. This saves time, resources and costs.


In case of any CI/CD updates or new Office versions, no IT re-development of templates is needed.

Individual standards

All documents are standardized and personalized. All template software solutions are individually customizable.

Creating documents faster, better and easier – with OneOffixx, Brandic and Brandic 365

One of the core competences of the PrimeSoft Group is developing template software. We are an experienced partner, providing comprehensive know-how in the areas of template software, document creation and document automation using Microsoft technologies. You can run our software either on your own hardware or rent our SaaS version. Our range of software solutions have a performance rate of more than 30,000 documents per hour and can easily process large amounts of data.

Thanks to our products OneOffixx, Brandic and Brandic 365, relevant CI/CD requirements are seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft user interface. Employees automatically use the correct colors, fonts, diagrams, tables and other design elements. Practical tools such as snippets make sure that repetitive text passages or images can be added to any desired document with a simple mouse-klick. This way, CI/CD-conform documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook can be created at a minimum amount of time..

Take advantage of our efficient and clever template software solutions. We look forward to hearing from you!