Document Automation by PrimeSoft

Document automation, template management and a software-based creation of Office documents play a major part in the digitalization of corporate work environments.
Document automation makes your work more efficient: A digitized work environment facilitates and automates countless workflows, resulting in significant savings of internal capacities and operative costs.
Pedro Thomi, System Engineer and Product Manager, Thales Rail Signalling Solutions
In our view, document management is one of PrimeSoft's core competences. PrimeSoft takes care of all steps that are necessary to develop templates and create documents. Another strength is their ability to correctly interpret client needs and transform them into custom software."
Pedro Thomi, System Engineer and Product Manager, Thales Rail Signalling Solutions

Document automation with OneOffixx, Brandic and Brandic 365

PrimeSoft provides class-leading know-how and broad experience in document automation and template management. The PrimeSoft Group offers two standard products – OneOffixx, Brandic and Brandic 365 – that are popular and well-established among clients from both the private and the public sector. Our comprehensive knowledge and the modular architecture of our products form the foundation for developing custom software solutions. This way, PrimeSoft is more efficient when developing applications for document automation than most general manufacturers on the market. As a PrimeSoft client you benefit from our expertise in the creation, automation, and management of corporate documents.

Document automation

Document automation with template software and document wizards

OneOffixx, Brandic and Brandic 365 help companies to efficiently create and edit CI/CD-conform documents, presentations, spreadsheets and emails in Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365. In addition, we develop custom solutions based upon our standard products. Your complete set of corporate brands as well as location and contact details are directly imported from the original source systems. Wizard-based step-by-step dialogues help users to easily create corporate documents. Depending on the business case, the appropriate snippets and images are automatically added to the document. Sevitec is your specialist in the fields of document automation, template management and facilitation of Office processes. We can optimize almost all daily workflows involving documents and their data.

Standardized and correct documents

A process-based creation of standardized and correct documents

The term „enterprise document creation" describes different corporate processes that are based upon centralized management and creation of documents via interfaces (web services, API, batch jobs). The document creation server builds standardized documents based upon the existing data. The documents are rendered in the correct CI/CD and automatically passed down to the next step in the process. PrimeSoft develops both simple and complex document creation processes by using the OneOffixx document creation server, which is a standard product originally developed by the company group. Our solutions offer a performance rate of more than 30.000 documents per hour and are able to smoothly process high amounts of data. Furthermore, the modular architecture allows for a fast implementation of clients' individual needs.

Automated workflows and document management

Automated workflows and document management

PrimeSoft also supports the process of introducing a new document management system and handles the integration with an existing DMS. Simple workflows are easily moved to the system and document filing is centralized. To exchange documents between your company and external parties, we have developed the OneConnexx enterprise service bus. Thanks to OneConnexx, a seamless exchange of documents with no media disruption will soon be reality in your company.

Andreas Schwizer, Technical Manager, SAK AG
Thanks to OneConnexx we benefit from an automated data exchange with various partners. OneConnexx is flexibly used and can quickly be adjusted whenever new demands emerge."
Andreas Schwizer, Technical Manager, SAK AG

PrimeSoft is your reliable service partner for document automation

PrimeSoft integrates your output management systems into a comprehensive document automation solution. Thanks to the modular architecture, new requirements are easily met and also combined with custom solutions. As a local partner we are ready to add our skill set in the areas of document automation and template management to your projects.

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