Microsoft Office Training

The popular Microsoft Office standard products offer a variety of great functions. Nevertheless, users often feel overwhelmed and do not know how Microsoft Office can solve complex problems at minimum efforts.
Office Training

Microsoft training is a strategic key factor

Increase your company's efficiency with Microsoft training and invest in your employees. Word, Excel and PowerPoint are key tools for any enterprise. Corporate performance is not only evident in annual reports but in the efficiency of staff work. Education and training in Microsoft Office – and in other IT-related areas – is a major strategic factor and affects corporate planning. Professional and engaging Microsoft training helps staff handle their daily tasks faster, with less effort and in a more streamlined manner. This improves and accelerates workflows, available skill sets are applied effectively and workplace satisfaction and motivation increase.

PrimeSoft is your partner

PrimeSoft is your partner for Office training

PrimeSoft is your established and reliable partner for Microsoft Office and other IT trainings. We provide customized training in different areas such as complex Excel pivot tables or basic training for creating seamless mail merge in Word. We can train your staff to use your in-house invoicing system, Sharepoint, Office 365, and much more. IT trainings by PrimeSoft cover the full Microsoft Office spectrum and any other IT systems you might use and need to train your staff on. We guarantee state-of-the-art and fully customizable training methods in a both remote and face-to-face format. Your staff members join our remote trainings live from any location, which greatly expands the reach of the training activities. 

Remote or on-site training

Remote or on-site Microsoft training – you choose

Our training sessions are engaging and practical. Our trainers understand your business and explain complex issues in a way that your staff can identify with. We are happy to advise and share our best practices when working with Microsoft Office or with other IT systems. We carry out face-to-face trainings or support your rollout at any of your key locations around the world. Our trainings can be conducted in German, English, French or Italian. Are you using one of our template management software products and would like to enhance the in-house skills and knowledge? Find out more about our template software training...

Increase efficiency and knowledge with tailor-made Microsoft training and get in touch!