Template software training

A successful start with software training: Are you already using our in-house software solutions and would like to prepare new employees for their day-to-day work in the best possible way? With PrimeSoft's comprehensive template software training, you enable new colleagues and teams to have a smooth and successful start into their career.
Prepare your staff optimally with product trainings by PrimeSoft

Prepare your staff with product trainings by PrimeSoft

Software trainings perfectly prepare your staff right from the start. Comprehensive e-demos offer new employees an interactive insight into all relevant aspects of all PrimeSoft products used in your company, such as OneOffixx, Brandic or Brandic 365. Our e-demos make it easy for your staff to familiarize themselves with company-specific applications as quickly and easily as possible. At the same time, the complete set of e-demos provides clear instructions and offers competent support at all times for employees in their day-to-day work.
Customized trainings

Customized software training

Is it necessary to train new administrators for to our template solutions or do you need a training course for a completely new team? We look forward to designing your individual training course with a content and structure precisely tailored to the needs of your company and its employees. Productive, competent, innovative and satisfied staff members are key to your business success. Build on this potential by catapulting both your business activities and the people involved to the next level. We not only offer training courses for our template management software products, but also Microsoft Office training courses teaching your employees all the tricks to use the MS Office Suite faster, better and more effectively. Whether it's training for specific areas in Excel or basic training for creating mail merge in Word, our customized training programs provide you with professional and dedicated support in all areas of the Microsoft Office spectrum and the associated template software solutions. 

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