Gemeinde Baar setzt auf PrimeSoft Vorlagenlösung

Municipality of Baar uses now OneOffixx by PrimeSoft

Continuously more public authorities rely on the template solutions provided by the PrimeSoft Group. Thanks to OneOffixx, the Municipality of Baar now facilitates countless communication processes with citizens, while saving valuable time in dealing with Microsoft documents at the same... more
Mit der Gemeinde Neuheim setzt eine weitere Behörde auf OneOffixx.

Municipality of Neuheim now uses OneOffixx

In addition to the city of Zug, the municipality of Neuheim has now also commissioned a project for the PrimeSoft product OneOffixx Word. In total, the authorities of the Canton of Zug will have more than 350 licenses for OneOffixx Word and Outlook in the future. "We are delighted that all... more
The OneOffixx 2021 release features enhanced functions optimizing your template management.

OneOffixx release 2021: new features & functions

The new 2021 release of our product OneOffixx features new clever and time-saving functions, such as a significantly smarter search function or the integration of Microsoft Teams in OneOffixx. Additional optimizations concern the accessibility of the software as well as a better overview in terms... more