PrimeSoft Management Team

PrimeSoft expands management team with Michael Sieber and Bettina Mueller

Michael Sieber and Bettina Mueller are new members of PrimeSoft's Executive Board. As CSO, Michael Sieber is responsible for sales and marketing, while Bettina Mueller is CFO and responsible for finance, HR and administration. New expertise for the PrimeSoft management team PrimeSoft, a leading... more
Gesundheitsbranche setzt auf PrimeSoft

Healthcare industry increasingly uses PrimeSoft solutions

PrimeSoft template software systems are becoming increasingly popular in the healthcare industry. In addition to Spital STS AG and Psychiatrische Dienste Aargau, the Muensingen Psychiatric Center now benefits from standardized Microsoft documents at the push of a button. Would you like to know... more
Create QR codes with OneOffixx

OneOffixx makes it easy now to create QR bills

PrimeSoft has recently started offering customers of the OneOffixx template software solution a new feature that simplifies payment methods on invoices. It is now possible to provide your OneOffixx invoices with a QR code at the klick of a button. Find out more about the QR code on OneOffixx... more
Livit ist jetzt PrimeSoft Kunde

Real estate company Livit is now a PrimeSoft customer

Livit, the leading real estate management company in Switzerland, now uses products of the PrimeSoft Group. The OneOffixx modules for Word, PowerPoint and Outlook outperform competing products and replace an existing template solution. As a lean SaaS solution, OneOffixx significantly simplifies... more
Aveniq setzt auf PrimeSoft Vorlagensoftware

Aveniq increases the use of OneOffixx by PrimeSoft

Following a large-scale evaluation, Aveniq AG continues to rely on OneOffixx by PrimeSoft and is now expanding the use of the template software throughout the company. "For us, Microsoft cloud readiness as well as the required integration capability in this context had a very high priority during... more
PrimeSoft vereint Sevitec und ZigWare unter einer Dachmarke.

PrimeSoft unites Sevitec Informatik and ZigWare

The companies Sevitec Informatik and ZigWare will in future operate under the single PrimeSoft umbrella brand. This marks the completion of the two-year integration phase for the PrimeSoft Group with locations in Switzerland and Germany. PrimeSoft is a leading group of... more
Gemeinde Baar setzt auf PrimeSoft Vorlagenlösung

Municipality of Baar uses now OneOffixx by PrimeSoft

Continuously more public authorities rely on the template solutions provided by the PrimeSoft Group. Thanks to OneOffixx, the Municipality of Baar now facilitates countless communication processes with citizens, while saving valuable time in dealing with Microsoft documents at the same... more
Immobilienunternehmen setzen verstärkt auf PrimeSoft Produkt OneOffixx

Real estate companies increasingly use PrimeSoft products

An increasing number of real estate companies are using PrimeSoft's products to simplify and automate their work with Microsoft documents. von Holzen Immobilien Treuhand AG is now joining the existing group of OneOffixx users in the real estate sector. "Innovative, optimized, fresh and... more